Skill Building

Lauren Celano


Building your “soft skills”

I often advise PhD students on career planning and the many options available to them in and out of academia.  When I ask about specific skills, a lot of them focus only on their research/technical skills, i.e. “hard skills” such as genetics, cell biology, computer science, chemistry or pha...



Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Never stop learning

In my last post, I told you to buy the experience you need by hiring experts. In this post, I’m going to tell you, even if you have the experts, you still need to know the basics. 



Career transition? Or is it just the next step in LIFE?

Hello Bio Careers® Readers!I am grateful for being invited to write blog posts for this community. I have been following the blogs on Bio Careers® for quite some time and now, so getting an opportunity to share my experiences with others on Bio Careers® is quite amazing. 



Lean Mean Science Machine

When I decided to pursue the idea I had for a better way to keep up with science, aka Scizzle (check it out, I’d love to get your feedback), I really didn’t know where to start. And so, like a good researcher….I went on Google. This is how I came by the lean startup approach – a methodology ...

Lauren Celano


Building your Professional Network through Involvement

A well developed network is one of your most important assets.  The quality and strength of your network significantly impacts career opportunities, your career trajectory, and overall success.  It can take years, sometimes decades, to develop a robust professional network, and it often do...



Taking Responsibility

When you saw the title of my post, did you immediately think of negative connotations? Taking responsibility for mistakes is what usually comes to mind.  However, I like to think of all the positive outcomes instead.  If you become the lead on a project, it is natural to then take on the r...




There is one ability that, over the years as a PhD and postdoc, I have come to realize is often undervalued in science (and probably other professions), and yet is crucial for success: creativity. While creativity is a trait typically recognized in painters, authors, musicians and other artists, ima...



Getting a Professional Opinion

Today I want to focus on something that I believe a lot of scientists should consider getting – getting a professional opinion.  We are all familiar with the idea of being trained by an expert in our field of interest, after all that is what we did with our doctoral degrees, but we don’t se...



Taking Criticism as a Professional Writer

To be successful in science, you have to learn how to take criticism. This is one of the reasons I left the bench. I didn't like feeling like I wasn't good enough all the time. At that time, I thought that the best coping strategy would be to ignore the criticism. Unfortunately, this left me feeling...


Reineke Pohlhaus

Top ten email best practices

Realizing that we all live in an age of information overload,  – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t complain about having too many emails. Here is my list of 10 DOs and DON’Ts1. DO include a response deadline in the subject● Example: September 24 webinar available2. DO include an action ...